Atlantic City Beer Fest

Last Sunday was the 11th Annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival. This year marks my third time attending and I think it was the best year so far. There were an obscene number of breweries to choose from and so many new-to-me beers to try.

AC Beer Fest Tasting Glass

After the mess that was trying to get our group’s matching shirts from UPS, my boyfriend, Jason, and I drove down to Atlantic City. After checking in and bringing everything to our room, we met up with the rest of our Beer Fest group at the Wild West Mountain Bar in the Wild West Casino between Bally’s and Caesar’s.

As tacky as I feel casinos to be, the Mountain Bar is pretty cool. They have cheap draft beers and what seems to look like a decent liquor selection. The decor is fun and the bar is nice and dark, (I’m a sucker for moody lighting).

Between the Mountain Bar and drinking while Jason was gambling after everyone else went to bed or elsewhere, I wasn’t drinking anything crafty or interesting. At the bar I was drinking Miller High Life and it was probably the first time I had ever had more than a sip of one. I would definitely drink it again. It was nice and crisp and refreshing. I also had a Smith and Forge Hard Cider, which I believe to be one of the best ciders offered by one of the major American beer companies, and I stole Jason’s Miller Lite. There aren’t very many beer options on the slot machine ordering menu, so I settled for my go-to limited option brew- Corona.

The next morning we all made our way to the convention center ready to drink. I was extraordinarily happy with the options at this year’s Beer Fest. I got to try some of the new beers I’ve been waiting for, ( Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin, Founder’s Mango Magnifico, and Ommegang Game of Thrones- Seven Kingdoms), a lot of beers I’ve never heard of, (Lunacy Admiral Vickers Baltic Porter, Saint Benjamin Wit or Witout, Double Nickel Marbled Rye),  some new or new-to-me options from breweries/cideries I’m familiar with, (Goose Island Matilda, Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA, Strongbow Cherry Blossom), and a good number of beers I’ve had before, (Stone Arrogant Bastard, Speakeasy Baby Daddy, Blue Point Blueberry).

One beer that’s new this season, which I’ve tried previous to this beer fest and really enjoy is Harpoon Brewery’s Camp Wannamango. It’s a light golden colour with a very mango aroma. It’s both malty and hoppy with a lingering mango flavour at the end. This might be one of my always in the fridge beers this summer. Harpoon had a cute little campground set up next to their jockey boxes and my boyfriend’s brother Mitch requested I take a picture of him to put on my blog.

Jason and Mitch in our San Jose Marks jerseys

The people working the booths were kind and knowledgeable which makes the event even better. I’ve been to some beer fests in the past where the staff/volunteers know next to nothing about the product and it’s not nearly as fun. I really enjoyed talking to these two ladies from Big Muddy Brewing and Schöfferhofer.

I asked to take his photo and he said I had to be in it too.

I didn’t dress in pinup for this event since I’m still learning about the style and don’t have very many clothing options. Hopefully next year I’ll be in a super cute outfit and people will ask me for my picture!

-Kyra Lynn

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