Thirsty Thursday 4/21-4/27

Hello! I didn’t have too much to drink over the part week, but here’s what I had:


Thursday, April 21

While getting ready to go to the opera to see La Boheme with my mother I popped open a Rekorderlig Päron (Pear). This cider has been sitting in my fridge for a while. I’m a fan of pear ciders in general, however I usually find Rekorderlig to be very sweet.


Appearance: clear light golden greenish, no foam, no lacing

Aroma: sweet, sugar, pear

Taste: very sweet, pear

Feel: slightly bubbly

Overall: Like other cider from this company, I found this to be very sweet. It’s not bad overall. If I had it again, I’d like to try it over ice and see if that offsets the sweetness a little.

Took my cider to-go because I’m classy like that.

Friday, April 22

Nothing! I went home after my shift, did battle with a very large hornet, and went to bed.

Saturday, April 23

My first customers of the day were two of our regulars and they kept pressuring me to drink something even though I wasn’t feeling too great. To appease them, I added a shot of Jameson to my tea and had a Hot Toddy for breakfast. Recipes for Hot Toddies seem to vary person to person, (I know mine varies depending on what I have on hand at that current moment), but they tend to include some of the following ingredients: tea, whisky/whiskey, honey, lemon, hot water, spices.

4/23/16 Hot Toddy Recipe

8oz Tea- I had Bigelow Lemon Lift

roughly 1Tbs Wildflower Honey

1 cinnamon stick

3 lemon wedges, squeezed

1 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey

(no photo because I forgot)

Sunday, April 24

Today I covered Jason’s wait shift since he was away. I didn’t think I was going to hang out after work, but I wanted something small and delicious to drink after my shift. I decided on a Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin IPA. We were lucky enough to get this keg on draft because someone at the distribution company messed up and gave up the Pineapple instead of the Grapefruit. The staff has been extremely pleased with the error!

Appearance: golden yellow, off white head

Aroma: grass and floral hops, pineapple, tropical fruits

Taste: pineapple, hoppy, a little mango or passion fruit

Feel: kind of thin, not a very heavy beer

Overall: I like this variation of Sculpin the best of the three I tried. I feel like the fruit gets a little lost in the Grapefruit variation and shines through the hops in the Pineapple. This is definitely a beer I’m going to drink this summer.

Baby Pineapple Sculpin

I ended up staying for a bit after my Sculpin. The busboy and one of the regulars had filled the jukebox with Prince music and we were having a nice conversation. Usually when we release our seasonal bottle list I start working down the list the same weekend, but I hadn’t stated yet. The first beer on the Spring Beer Menu this year is Abita Strawberry Harvest  Lager.

Appearance: light gold, hazy

Aroma: fruit, melon, strawberry

Taste: a little grain, a little wheat, strawberry, not very sweet

Feel: very light

Overall: I think I like this beer more than I used to. It’s very light and great to drink on a warm day. I believe that it would be a fantastic beer to give to someone who doesn’t drink/like beer and they would enjoy it. I love that it’s not very sweet like many other fruity beers.

I think Ray is drinking a Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye Ale.

Monday, April 25

Jason came home from Pax East in Boston last night laden with goodies. He brought me a ton of gifts including new Nintendo DS games, a Romeo and Juliet themed card game, pins, and two growlers of beer from Harpoon Brewery.

During dinner we opened the growler of Harpoon Ale. Harpoon Ale is the brewery’s original flagship beer. It’s not sold in stores, so I feel extra special that I get to try it without going all the way to Boston.

Appearance: clear orange, very little head

Aroma: malty

Taste: malty, slight earthy hops, clean

Feel: light, few small bubbles

Overall: This is a nice basic example of an ale. There’s nothing at all flashy or fancy about this beer to me. It has a very straight forward balanced malt/hop taste. This is a very solid beer.


Tuesday, April 26

I spent a lovely day with my family at the National Lighthouse Museum. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever on Staten Island. It’s currently a very small museum that details the history of the lighthouse depot that used to operate on the museum’s location and teaches about different lighthouses throughout the country and the people that tended them.

After getting home, Jason and I watched a few episodes of Daredevil and drank some tasty beer. We started with Henry’s Hard Orange Soda. I actually really enjoy the hard soda trend and hope it sticks around for a while. I don’t really like like Not Your Father’s Root Beer which started the movement, but so many of the products released after NYF are really lovely.

Appearance: orange, no lasting head

Aroma: orange soda, vodka

Taste: orange soda with slight vodka-y taste hidden beneath

Feel: very carbonated, just like soda

Overall: I really like this beer. I’ve had it cold, room temperature, and over ice. I feel like you get a slightly different taste depending on the temperature, but it’s nice and refreshing any way you drink it. I find that it doesn’t have the weird fake sugar aftertaste that other hard sodas have.


We also split a Lakefront Pumpkin Lager after I called Jason out for stealing one of my pumpkin beers.

Appearance: I’m not sure, we drank it from the bottle. From the taste and experience with pumpkin beers, I’m going to say amber/copper.

Aroma: spice (cinnamon, nutmeg), pumpkin, malt

Taste: cinnamon, nutmeg, spiced pumpkin, sweet malt, not bitter

Feel: crisp, medium bodied

Overall: I enjoyed this beer. I would drink this again. I think it’s on the better end of pumpkin beers because the flavours mesh so well and nothing over powers another element of the beer.


Wednesday, April 27

I fell asleep watching Daredevil and had to re-watch the episode. Lunch consisted of left over BBQ from Big Ed’s last week and two pints of Harpoon Ale.


-Kyra Lynn


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