My Week in Outfits 5/23-5/29/16

Tuesday, May 24

Top: Forever 21

Belt: Hell Bunny via Blame Betty

Skirt: Collectif Clothing

Shoes: H&M



Wednesday, May 25

Hair Flower: No brand. Bought from PUG Swap & Sell group on Facebook

Earrings: Daisy Jean Floral Designs

Dress: Tatyana




Thursday, May 26

Earrings and Brooch: Erstwilder

Top and Shoes: H&M

Belt: Target

Skirt: Alythea from Modcloth



Friday, May 27

Top: Target

Brooch: Erstwilder

Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: H&M


Thirsty Thursday 5/19-5/25/16

Thursday, May 19


Friday, May 20

Two of my co-workers and I hung out for a bit after work and had a drink. I didn’t take any pictures of my beer on Friday, but I had a Barrier Brewing Company Icculus Kölsch.

Appearance:  straw coloured, foamy white head

Aroma: fruity, grainy

Taste: grainy, grassy, fruit (lime?)

Feel: crisp, light body

Overall: I don’t think this beer is a great example of a kölsch style, but I like it nonetheless. It’s super light and has a good amount of flavour.

Saturday, May 21


Sunday, May 22

I covered a wait shift at work today that started out quite hectic and ended pretty slow. Knowing I had a double to look forward to on Monday, I just had a simple Hot Toddy while writing up some blog posts.


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Sparkly Treasures by Daisy Jean Floral Designs

I’ve been trying to get back into wearing earrings recently. In high school, I had an immense earring collection and you would rarely catch me without obnoxious earrings on. Sometimes I’d just wear studs, but I usually wore long dangly chains, feathers, or silly plastic earrings in weird shapes and/or patterns.

I follow many wonderful Pinup ladies on social media and the fantastic Miss Osiria Rose/Curve Creation, (BlogInstagram, Facebook, YouTube), frequently wears hair flowers from her own small business- Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I’ve wanted to buy something for a while, but since I don’t really wear hair flowers often earrings seemed the obvious choice.

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Thirsty Thursday 5/12-5/18/16

As usual, I like to try new things when I go out or am in a drinking mood. I tend to fall back on old favourites when at parties, when I’m not feeling great, or when I’m simply relaxing. This week was a mix of both new and old.

Thursday, May 12


Friday, May 13

I had a pretty annoying night at work, but Jason wanted to go out when he came to pick me up.We were thinking about starting at Flagship Brewery, but they close early. Instead we walked the couple of blocks to Craft House.

Craft House is a really awesome bar/restaurant. They serve creative BBQ and have a fantastic beer selection. They have also started serving liquor since the last time I’ve been there. It was a super sticky/muggy night, so I opted to start the night with some ciders.

Crispin Blackberry Pear Cider is one of my favourite ciders. The first time I ever had it, it was on draft at Craft House. They no longer offer it on draft, but they do have it in bottles.

Appearance:  clear reddish purple

Aroma: blackberry, pear

Taste: tart, blackberry, pear

Feel: smooth, easy to drink, light body, low carbonation

Overall: I love this stuff. It’s very straight forward.


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Erstwilder Flora

When I learned that Erstwilder was releasing a collection in collaboration with Miss Victory Violet, I knew I was going to need at least a few of the pieces. After seeing the whole collection, I decided I wanted it all, however I also knew that I had some other large purchases coming up and triaged the pieces.

I HAD to have the Tulip Bouquet Brooch and when I went to order it, Erstwilder and Coconette-oz, (a site I’ve purchased from previously), were sold out. I literally went through every stockist on the list on Erstwilder’s website and Australian shop, Hug Me Harry, was the only place that had it left in stock. Hug Me Harry also had some other designs I knew I had to scoop up as well. After ordering, I was nervous when I didn’t receive any tracking info, but my pretty new additions got all the way to NYC just fine.


The two pieces I purchased from the Beauteous Blossoms collection were the Tulip Bouquet Brooch and the Sumptuous Sunflower Brooch. I love how simple the designs from this collection are.


I love how wonderful the tulips look with this dress!
My pictures don’t do these pieces justice.

I also bought one of the three pieces I’m missing from the Erstwildersaurs collection created in collaboration with Heidi and Gretel in February. I’ve been hesitant to purchase resin earrings because I was worried that they might be super heavy, but these Prehistoric Drops Earrings are very light and don’t pull at all.


These are so cute.

The last item I purchased was the Gloriosa Bluebell Necklace from the Australiana collection. I actually fell in love with this necklace when Miss Victory Violet posted a photo wearing it. This necklace is so beautiful, but I ran into the same problem as I do with many other necklaces. I was blessed with a small neck and a large chest, so necklaces rarely sit where I want them to. I may need to see if I can take some length off the chain so it sits slightly higher.


I’m thrilled to add these pieces to my ever growing Erstwilder collection. I’m addicted!

In all seriousness though. I have 19 pieces.

-Kyra Lynn



April 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts was the first subscription box I subscribed to. I really enjoy their beauty box and have received so many great products since I started getting the boxes in October 2015. I’ve found that I’m constantly pleasantly surprised by the selection of products. I’ve gotten so many things I thought I was going to hate that I’ve already re-purchased or plan to buy when I run out. April’s box was no exception.


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My Week in Outfits 5/9-5/15/2016

I was in a pretty crappy place mentally in the beginning of this week, so I kind of just laid about the house Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I went into the city to take my new headshots, so I didn’t have a pretty outfit for that day either. Sunday was my first full day bar shift at work and working from about 11am-11pm doesn’t allow for anything other than my uniform.


Thursday, May 12

Dress and Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Brooch: Erstwilder

Corset: Orchard Corset

Shoes: B.a.i.t.

This might be my favourite dress I own. So happy I bought it.

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Thirsty Thursday 5/5-5/11/16

Hello! It’s time once again for a run down of my drinks of the last week. I was in a weird place mentally and just wanted to stay curled up in bed as much as I could. I pretty much only drank after work and split most drinks with someone else.

Thursday, May 5



Friday, May 6

My first drink of the week was a taste of Avery Brewing Company Raja Double IPA. One of the regulars at the bar was drinking it and offered me a taste.

Appearance:  hazy yellow/gold

Aroma: pine, fruit

Taste: hoppy, citrus, tropical fruit

Feel: smooth, light bodied

Overall: This beer is super dangerous. It’s 8% and so easy to drink. I’d try a whole can to myself.


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