Erstwilder Flora

When I learned that Erstwilder was releasing a collection in collaboration with Miss Victory Violet, I knew I was going to need at least a few of the pieces. After seeing the whole collection, I decided I wanted it all, however I also knew that I had some other large purchases coming up and triaged the pieces.

I HAD to have the Tulip Bouquet Brooch and when I went to order it, Erstwilder and Coconette-oz, (a site I’ve purchased from previously), were sold out. I literally went through every stockist on the list on Erstwilder’s website and Australian shop, Hug Me Harry, was the only place that had it left in stock. Hug Me Harry also had some other designs I knew I had to scoop up as well. After ordering, I was nervous when I didn’t receive any tracking info, but my pretty new additions got all the way to NYC just fine.


The two pieces I purchased from the Beauteous Blossoms collection were the Tulip Bouquet Brooch and the Sumptuous Sunflower Brooch. I love how simple the designs from this collection are.


I love how wonderful the tulips look with this dress!
My pictures don’t do these pieces justice.

I also bought one of the three pieces I’m missing from the Erstwildersaurs collection created in collaboration with Heidi and Gretel in February. I’ve been hesitant to purchase resin earrings because I was worried that they might be super heavy, but these Prehistoric Drops Earrings are very light and don’t pull at all.


These are so cute.

The last item I purchased was the Gloriosa Bluebell Necklace from the Australiana collection. I actually fell in love with this necklace when Miss Victory Violet posted a photo wearing it. This necklace is so beautiful, but I ran into the same problem as I do with many other necklaces. I was blessed with a small neck and a large chest, so necklaces rarely sit where I want them to. I may need to see if I can take some length off the chain so it sits slightly higher.


I’m thrilled to add these pieces to my ever growing Erstwilder collection. I’m addicted!

In all seriousness though. I have 19 pieces.

-Kyra Lynn



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