Sparkly Treasures by Daisy Jean Floral Designs

I’ve been trying to get back into wearing earrings recently. In high school, I had an immense earring collection and you would rarely catch me without obnoxious earrings on. Sometimes I’d just wear studs, but I usually wore long dangly chains, feathers, or silly plastic earrings in weird shapes and/or patterns.

I follow many wonderful Pinup ladies on social media and the fantastic Miss Osiria Rose/Curve Creation, (BlogInstagram, Facebook, YouTube), frequently wears hair flowers from her own small business- Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I’ve wanted to buy something for a while, but since I don’t really wear hair flowers often earrings seemed the obvious choice.

From Daisy Jean Floral Designs:

“Daisy Jean began at the end of 2014 as a small online store on etsy with only a few select hair flowers by Miss Osiria Rose, a pin up model from the Sydney Pin up scene.
The brand was started initially as a place where ladies could buy quality floral pieces where the flowers were the focus point, lending themselves to a range of pin up and retro styles as well as being an outlet for Osiria’s creativity. Since then her small business has flourished into something more, beginning to slowly expand beyond hair flowers and into more floral inspired accessories.
With a company description of “Making beautiful flowers for beautiful women”, we are a company that is proud to support ALL women, both customer and other small business owners as well as using our pieces to encourage personal positivity and self-appreciation within our customers through creating gorgeous hand crafted pieces to help them feel and look their best.”

I purchased four different pairs of earrings via the Daisy Jean Floral website. There is an Etsy shop you can order from as well.


I really think the price of Daisy Jean’s earrings is phenomenal- they start at $5.90 USD, (by today’s current exchange rate). They’re handmade to order and are offered in an array of colours. I chose to have stud backs on all four pairs, but clip on is available as well. Daisy Jean’s customer service is also amazing. The messaged me to say that due to wet weather the resin needed more time to set and they even upgraded my basic shipping to tracked shipping!

daisy jean 2

I purchased:

Holly’s Resin Hoop (Glitter Colours) in Fine Gold

Heather’s Big Resin Tear Drop (Glitter Colours) in Emerald Green

Candy Bud (Glitter Colours) in Bright Blue

Atomic Boomerang (Glitter Colours) in Purple


Due to the size of the earrings and the placement of my pierced holes, I prefer to wear these in the middle hole in my ear. I feel like they sit better. The edges of the purple boomerangs are slightly bendy, but I imagine that’s just because the resin is thin in that area.

I am so happy with this purchase and look forward to styling these beautiful pieces!


-Kyra Lynn

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