Thirsty Thursday 5/19-5/25/16

Thursday, May 19


Friday, May 20

Two of my co-workers and I hung out for a bit after work and had a drink. I didn’t take any pictures of my beer on Friday, but I had a Barrier Brewing Company Icculus Kölsch.

Appearance:  straw coloured, foamy white head

Aroma: fruity, grainy

Taste: grainy, grassy, fruit (lime?)

Feel: crisp, light body

Overall: I don’t think this beer is a great example of a kölsch style, but I like it nonetheless. It’s super light and has a good amount of flavour.

Saturday, May 21


Sunday, May 22

I covered a wait shift at work today that started out quite hectic and ended pretty slow. Knowing I had a double to look forward to on Monday, I just had a simple Hot Toddy while writing up some blog posts.


Monday, May 23

I have come to highly look forward to my little Monday night beer club, especially after working a double and having some terrible customers. Joe was kind enough to supply this week’s beer.

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Brown Ale

Appearance: clear amber-y dark brown colour, foamy tan head

Aroma: roasty, woody, toasty, brown bread

Taste: nutty, malty, starts sweet, ends slightly bitter, chocolate

Feel: very tingly, fizzy bubbles, medium body

Overall: I really enjoyed this beer. I’m actually upset that I’m not going to be able to find it anywhere so that I can keep some in the house. The carbonation hurt my chapped lips a bit because there is SO much of it. This is a fantastic beer.



The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery Milk Stout

Appearance:  very dark brown/black, small tan head that melts quickly

Aroma: roasty/toasty malts, chocolate, coffee

Taste: roasty coffee, sweet chocolate, vanilla

Feel: creamy, smooth, medium/full bodied, medium carbonation

Overall: I’m not used to milk stouts not poured from a nitro draft line, so having as much carbonation as this does was strange to me. I liked this beer a lot! I think I actually like it more that other milk stouts I’ve tried.

duck-rabbit milk stout


4 Hands/Bale Breaker/Stone Sorry Not Sorry IPA

Appearance: golden peach

Aroma: tropical fruit, slightly grassy, slightly spicy

Taste: so much tropical fruit, citrus, slightly earthy, a little nutty malt, pepper?, honey-like sweetness

Feel: moderate lively carbonation, easy to drink

Overall: I really expected a huge punch in the face like other Stone IPAs give you, but this refreshingly mild. The amount of fruit flavour present in this beer was a welcome surprise.


Tuesday, May 24

I came home from an audition to a lovely meal prepared by my wonderful boyfriend. Jason made Zigeunerschnitzel, (breaded, fried, pork cutlets with a paprkia based bell pepper sauce), fried potatoes, and corn.

In keeping with the theme, Jason popped open Two Brother’s Brewing Company Atom Smasher Oak Aged Oktoberfest Style Lager.

Appearance: clear amber, frothy off white head

Aroma: sweet, malty, oak, vanilla

Taste: toffee, toasted malts, oak, vanilla, finishes alcohol-y

Feel: smooth, medium body/carbonation

Overall: Not as boozy as I though it might taste at 7.7% ABV. I didn’t mind this beer, but I don’t think I’d have it again.


I opted for a Harpoon Brewery Summer Beer modeled after the German kölsch style.

Appearance: pale yellow

Aroma: mild bread, light citrus

Taste: light lemon, bready, cereal, slightly floral

Feel: very easy to drink, light body

Overall: I highly enjoy this beer. It’s very simple and great for summer.

harpoon summer

Wednesday, May 25



Another pretty mild week of drinking, but still rather enjoyable. Until next time!

-Kyra Lynn

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