May 2016 Empties

Finally writing about my May empties! I didn’t go though that many products last month, but I did begin to purge things that were old or just not working for me.



Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads (sample RV $5, full size RV $38): I used these as masks and as an exfoliating cleanser. There was a good amount of product in the little container and I was able to get many uses out of it. I feel like this product provides a nice amount of exfoliation. It’s a little gritty in texture. I really liked to use it as a mask either mixed with water or with a pre-made mask. I’d possibly but this again when I run out of the many masks I have.



Sage & Arrow Blissful Bath Melt (not pictured in empties photo, RV $4): I used this melt up pretty quickly. It had a lovely floral scent and was super moisturizing. I applied it after shaving to keep my legs hydrated and soft. The product came shaped like a heart, but the oils melted and I had to keep it in the fridge when I wasn’t using it. I’d consider buying this product again.


up and up nail polish remover may 2016

Up & Up Acetone Nail Polish Remover (RV $2.99): To me, nail polish remover is nail polish remover. I didn’t notice any difference between this and other nail polish removers I’ve used. I’m still researching cruelty-free polish removers, so I’ll probably buy this again until I find something CF and affordable.


pacifica kale may

Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleansing Face Wash (RV $9.99): I bought this one day while I was looking for a non-exfoliating face wash and fell in love. This stuff gets my face so clean! It removes all traces of makeup, (after using makeup remover). It does sting a bit if I get it in my eyes, but it’s still one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used.


coney island lipbalm

Coney Island Brewing Co. Cotton Candy Lip Balm (promotional): My boyfriend brought this home from a beer fest last year and I finally got through it. It tasted just like cotton candy. It wasn’t super hydrating and was moderately waxy.


got2b heat spray

Got2B Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm + Gloss Finish (RV $6.99): I dearly love this heat protector, but I’m giving it up because it’s not CF. I used it for years and it left my hair so smooth and relatively shiny.

elf lip exfoliator

Elf Lip Exfoliator (RV $3): This scrub was really good at first, but after multiple uses it got very gooey. I eventually I had to de-pot it and use my fingers for application. Towards the end of the tube it was extremely waxy and hard to clean off.

lash domination

Bare Minerals Lash Domination (sample): I liked this mascara. It applied pretty smoothly and evenly. I LOVED the brush and I’m considering buying a tube of this for the wand alone. It did tend to flake a little bit and it’s not waterproof, so I found rather quickly that it doesn’t work at all for use on the bottom lashes.

kumari river

Kumari River Bath & Body Oil (RV $8.50, full size RV $34): I received this body oil in my April 2016 Petit Vour Beauty Box. I really enjoyed it, but I went thought it far too fast for me to justify purchasing this on the regular. It took a while to absorb, however it made my skin feel so soft and smooth. It has a lovely floral/herbaceous scent.


Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in ‘Endless’ (purple) and ‘Infinite’ (blue) (RV $7.99): I bought these a long time ago and they’re all dried up.


forever 21 lipstick

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lipstick in ‘Nude’: This is just the worst colour on me. The application was also terrible. I gave this lipstick about a year of testing, but I couldn’t justify keeping it anymore.


Until next time,


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