Thirsty Thursday 6/23-6/29/16

Thursday, June 23

We just started rolling out our summer beer menu at work and a few of us decided to split one of the new beers. I’ve had a Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch once before and didn’t really like it.

Appearance: clear straw colour, small off white head

Aroma: very mild honey, moderate fruit

Taste: slightly sweet, minimal honey, bitter floral hops

Feel: light, high carbonation

Overall: I liked this better than the last time I tried this, but I feel like the insane honey flavour I got the first time I had this beer was lacking.

rogue honey kolsch


I also had a Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin, (tasting notes from 4/24/16), and a Warsteiner Radler Grapefruit, (tasting notes from 6/20/16), after my shift. I’m pretty boring with my drink choices most of the time.

Friday, June 24

My boyfriend, Jason, and I went to Ho’Brah for lunch today because he was super in the mood for tacos. We noticed a new beer on draft from a local brewery that seemed to be made for the restaurant. Flagship Wit’s Up Brah is a grapefruit infused wheat beer and sounded interesting.

Appearance: golden straw

Aroma: basic wit beer, light fruit, light hops, light grain

Taste: piney hops, minimal grapefruit, slight banana Runts

Feel: light body and carbonation

Overall: I was really hoping for more grapefruit in this beer. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not my favourite Flagship offering.



After work on Friday night, Jason and I split a sample dropped off by one of the beer reps- Morland Old Golden Hen.

Appearance: clear gold, bright white head

Aroma: biscuit, light honey

Taste: mildly toasty, light grain, slightly sweet

Feel: light with medium carbonation

Overall: Pretty basic beer. Quite drinkable, but not something I feel like I’d reach for over other options.



Another one of our new beers on the summer beer list is Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose. I sampled it a few times at the New York City Craft Beer Fest last Friday and really enjoyed it.

Appearance: hazy yellow

Aroma: tart, fruity, watermelon, light spices

Taste: follows aroma, slightly salty watermelon, sour, light malts

Feel: light body, low carbonation

Overall: Highly enjoyable. It has a bit of a pucker inducing tartness. My second favourite of the Anderson Valley goses.


Saturday, June 25

Jason found a recipe online that advised mixing the new Warsteiner Radler Grapefruit with Grand Marnier. Since we didn’t have either of those things at work, we settled for trying Schöfferhofer with Echte Kroatzbeere (Blackberry Liqueur). It was okay. The Echte Kroatzbeere sunk to the bottom of the glass, so it didn’t really mix with the Schöfferhofer.

Schöfferhofer with Echte Kroatzbeere


We also needed to use up the mint leftover from Father’s Day, so I also had a double Mint Julep, (recipe from 6/19/16).

mint julep 6/25/16

Sunday, June 26

On Sunday, Jason’s brother threw a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. While we were waiting for our table to be ready, a few of the party guests headed to the bar across the street from the restaurant and grab a beer. I had a Shock Top Belgian White.

Appearance: hazy pale yellow, fluffy white head

Aroma: grainy, slightly sweet, malty

Taste: follows aroma, orange, light coriander

Feel: light/medium bodied, tingly carbonation

Overall: I’m really not a huge fan of this beer. It doesn’t have much flavour compared to beers of the same type. I rarely drink this, but there wasn’t anything else on draft I wanted.

schocktop 6/26/16


During the party, the waitstaff gave us pitchers of Mimosa and Sangria, so I had a decent amount of each. Jason also ordered a Bloody Mary that I drank half of.


Someone else at the party asked Jason to get him two cans of Tecate. By the time Jason got back to the table he had already gotten some from the waiter, so I claimed a can.

Appearance: drank from the can

Aroma: grain, corn

Taste: follows aroma, light hop bitterness

Feel: light body, light/medium carbonation

Overall: Basic Mexican beer. Nothing really special about this. Not bad.



After the party, a bunch of us decided to continue drinking and ended up at a bar down the street. There really wasn’t anything exciting on draft, so I settled for a Spaten Lager.

Appearance: clear gold, very carbonated head

Aroma: malty, yeast, light hops

Taste: same as aroma

Feel: light/medium body with a decent amount of carbonation

Overall: I’ve had this multiple times before and it’s our biggest seller at the restaurant where I work. I don’t mind it. It’s a really solid beer.



We started feeling a bit peckish and stopped at another bar further down the street called Burgary. Jason and I split an order of wings which were really good and perfectly spicy. I had a Harpoon UFO White, (tasting notes from 4/20/16).

ufo white at burgary


Our final stop of the night was this awesome bar called Paloma Rocket. There are an insane number of beers that you can pour yourself and pay for by the ounce using a refillable card. Jason and his brother tasted a lot of the beers offered. I had tastes of Ace Space Bloody Orange and Peekskill Simple Sour. I also had a full glass of Kona Lemongrass Luau.


also tired at Paloma Rocket:

Monday, June 27

On Monday, I started my night with a glass of Sangria because why not? Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a fruity wine.



For this week’s beer club the three of us brought in two beers each since beer club is going on hiatus for a month due to days off from work and vacations. I didn’t really keep any notes for the beers we drank.

I brought in Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker and Bell’s Cherry Stout. The Green Flash was really nice. Nothing about it over powered anything else about the beer. I was really hoping for the Bell’s to have more of a dark, sweet cherry flavour profile than it did. I as kind of let down.


Greg brought Other Half Boogie Board Stuntz and Left Hand Good Juju. I’ve had both of these beers before. I don’t like the Other Half all that much, (tasting notes from 4/28/16). The Left Hand was so much better this time than the first time I tried it. I think I had a super old bottle and the flavours were off. This had a lovely ginger taste and I’d definitely drink it again.


Joe was the winner of the night with Smuttynose Smuttlabs: Blueberry Short Weisse and Almanac Tropical Platypus. The Smuttlabs was amazing! All the flavours balanced so well and made for a super refreshing, lightly sour beer. I really want to have this again and try the different flavours Smuttlabs has released. The Almanac was quite lovely. I’m a fan of the Farm to Barrel series and this beer didn’t let me down. It’s high on the list of my most enjoyed Almanac beers.


Tuesday, June 28


Wednesday, June 29

I had a Schofferhofer that I forgot to photograph.


Until next time,


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