June 2016 Empties

Hello! I only finished three products this month, but I was able to purge a significant amount of stuff. I have a ton of products nearing the end, so I hope to have a good number of empties for July.




elf hydrating serum

e.l.f. Hydrating Serum (RV $12): This serum was okay. I didn’t notice any hydrating quality, but my face also is not very dry. It’s a creamier textured serum which I really liked. This product did interact negatively with another product I’m currently using and made my face and neck break out in a very itchy rash. I started using it solely at night and the rash went away. I don’t know if I’d purchase this again since I didn’t see much in the way of skin difference and I’m scared of other product reactions.


granola goat sample

The Granola Goat The Amazing Face Face Serum (sample size RV $4, full size RV $24): Received this in the May 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I absolutely loved this serum. It really changed my serum mindset. It’s the first oil serum I’ve tried that really seemed to make my skin look and feel a lot brighter, smoother, and healthier as opposed to just making me oily. This serum was light enough to use during the day, but still wonderful to use at night as well. I will be purchasing the full size bottle of this when I’m out of my current serum. Amazing stuff!



Piperwai Natural Deodorant (RV $11.99): I don’t remember where I first found out about Piperwai, but I’ve been using it for years now. It was the first natural deodorant I ever tried and after trying many others, it’s still the best. One tub usually lasts me about three months. The only real downsides I’ve found with this product are the fact that it doesn’t come with anything to scoop it out of the container and that due to the charcoal, I get gray armpit stains on lighter coloured clothes. Otherwise, this is a perfect product. Try it if you haven’t.



This month, I started purging my nail polish collection. Many of the polishes I have are up to ten years old and have lost their consistency or are colours I just wouldn’t wear anymore. The bottles pictured here have been dried out in the sun for a week, so the colours don’t look like that the actual polish colours are.


Left to right:

New York Color Long-Wearing Nail Enamel ‘#112A- Times Square Tangerine Creme’

New York Color Long-Wearing Nail Enamel ‘#119A- Black Lace Creme’

Mary Kay Velocity ‘Reboot Rose’

Milani Nail Art ‘#704- White Canvas’


june 2016 nail polish purge 2

Left to right:

OPI ‘Barre My Soul’ (My favourite beige nude. If you know any CF dupes, let me know!)

Sinful Colors ‘#13- Midnight Blue’

Sinful Colors ‘#80- Dream On’

Hot Topic Morbid in a bright shade of green



Left to right:

Naturistics Super Shine ‘Mistletoe’

Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’

Essie ‘Mesmerize’

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon ‘Mango Nectar’

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color ‘#03- Pixel Pretty’

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails ‘Clear’


june 2016 nail polish purge 4

Left to right:

Jordana ‘Silver’

Jordana ‘#502 Gorgeous Grape’

Jordana ‘#29- Hot Pink’

Jordana ‘#064- Holiday Red’ (Second favourite bright red.)

Jordana ‘#501- Berry Berry Bad’


I was also able to give away a number of products to two of my friends. These products just aren’t things I wear often enough to keep/I feel like they don’t look good on me.

Left to right:

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow ‘#20 Painted Purple’

e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick ‘Southern Belle’

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip ‘Highball’

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ‘Dubai’

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors ‘Violet Ray’

Milani Lip Flash ‘#05- Hot Flash’

L’Oreal Paris HiP High Inensity Pigments Color Truth Cream Eyeliner ‘#960- Eggplant’

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipstick ‘Obnoxious Request’ (from the May 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box)


I’m super happy I was able to get rid of so much stuff this month, but there’s still so many products to use up that are just sitting around the house!


Until next time,


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