Thirsty Thursday 6/30/16-7/6

I think this is going to be the last week I’m going to do Thirsty Thursday in this current format. I’m going to be switching it over to reviews on specific beers or breweries and possibly cocktail recipes. Exciting stuff!


Thursday, June 30

I covered a bar shift in the beer garden of the restaurant where I work. It was a really slow night and it was quite hot and muggy. While I was cleaning and closing up the bar, I had two Schöfferhofer Grapefruits. I love when I get to have this beer on draft.

6/30/16 schoffer

When I went inside to wait for Jason to finish the bar shift he was covering, I tried a beer from our summer beer list- Abita Blueberry Wheat.

Appearance: slightly hazy straw colour, small off white head

Aroma: candy blueberry, faint malts

Taste: Wonder bread, light blueberry juice, sweet, watered down

Feel: light, slightly creamy, high carbonation

Overall: I was not impressed with this beer. I tend to gravitate towards blueberry wheats because they usually taste like blueberry muffins. This one has a bit of that muffin taste, but very watered down. Not a fan.

abita blueberry


Joe also brought in a Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado to share.

Appearance: gold, poured slowly so head head occurred

Aroma: bready, candy watermelon, pine

Taste: very light fruit, very heavy alcohol, bitter

Feel: heavy, medium carbonation

Overall: No. Just not for me.

ballast point watermelon dorado

After work, Jason, Joe and I went out for a drink. I opted for a Crabbie’s Ginger Beer to combat the terrible humidity.

Appearance: drank from bottle, but looks like ginger ale when poured

Aroma: slightly spicy ginger

Taste: follows aroma

Feel: light, moderate carbonation on tongue

Overall: I love this beer. It’s a go to for me.

crabbie's ginger beer

Friday, July 1


Saturday, July 2

Jason and I took off work to go see Panic! at the Disco and Weezer with one of his friends. There were actually a surprising number of beer options available at the venue, but I was greeted with a Bud Light Lime when Jason bought us drinks.

Appearance: drank from can

Aroma: light lime, very light beer smell

Taste: lime, watered down grains and light malts

Feel: high carbonation

Overall: This isn’t bad for being what it is. You don’t drink a beer like this expecting magic.

bud light lime

Sunday, July 3

My boyfriend, Jason, and I were lucky enough to get off work so we could prep our house for the 4th of July party we were throwing. He made us a lovely lunch and paired it with a Schöfferhofer.

schofferhoffer 7/3/16

After prepping food and making a growler of sangria, we opted for a glass of the sangria before bed.

sangria 7/3/16

Monday, July 4

Jason and I threw a white trash themed party for the 4th of July. What better way to start the day off right than with an America?

Appearance: drank from a can

Aroma: amber waves of grain

Taste: freedom

Feel: like a Bald Eagle soaring over majestic purple mountains

Overall: This is jut a Budweiser. I’m amused by this slightly too much.

white trash america


I also had about five glasses of sangria. It really took on the flavour of the plums Jason put in it the night before.

4th of july sangria

Tuesday, July 5


Wednesday, July 6



Until next time,


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