June 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box

Once again, I was extremely happy with my Benevolent Beauty Box. If you love makeup and/or subscription boxes and don’t already get this one, you really need to. June’s box is worth over $118 and contains fantastic products.

june 2016 bbb

The June 2016 box included:

Mineral Hygienics Mineral Bronzer in ‘Cool Kiss’ – RV $20

Modern Minerals Eyeshadow in ‘Surya’ – RC $12.50

Saturated Colour– Colour Switch – RV $13

Terre Mere Matte Lipstick in ‘Someone Special’ – RV $39

Terre Mere Bronzer Brush – RV $34


I get really nervous with bronzers, because I had so many mishaps before I found one that works for me. I received the Mineral Hygienics Mineral Bronzer in ‘Cool Kiss’. This shade was given to subscribers with Fair/Light skin as opposed to ‘Warm Kiss’ which was given to subscribers with a darker complexion. ‘Cool Kiss’ is a lightly shimmery rose gold colour. When I tried this product as a bronzer, I either applied it too heavily or it’s just too dark for my liking. I really love the formula and it’s lasting power, so I’m probably going to use this more as an eyeshadow and continue to play around with it as a bronzer or a blush.

mineral hygienics bronzer cool kiss


Modern Minerals Eyeshadow in ‘Surya’ is the shimmery bronze/gold eyeshadow I didn’t even know I needed in my life. The colour is brand new and isn’t even available on the Modern Minerals website yet! It feels super light on and a little product goes a long way. I didn’t notice any creasing when I used this shadow, but I also didn’t try it across my entire lid yet. I tend to keep towards the brown/beige side of shadows, so this is perfect to enhance that colour scheme. I’m excited to mess around with this!



The spoiler that Benevolent Beauty Box posted for the June box was the Saturated Colour Colour Switch. I was very interested to see what the product was like and it was the first item I tested when I opened the box. It’s essentially a white lipstick that you’re supposed to use as a base and blend with other lipsticks. I haven’t swatched it with many lippies yet, but it is a really fun product to have. You can also use it alone if you’re brave enough to rock pure white lips.

saturated colour colour switch


I’m a big fan of getting expensive lipsticks, like the Terre Mere Matte lipstick, in beauty boxes because it gives me the chance to try products I wouldn’t be able to justify the price of. This lipstick is very comfortable to wear and lasts for a decent amount of time. It’s creamy in texture and pretty matte for a non-liquid lip. The colour ‘Someone Special’ is a nice dark nude/brown with a pinkish tone to it that helps it fit in very well with my current lipstick collection. I’ve worn this product a few times now and gotten a number of compliments. I’m definitely considering purchasing another Terre Mere lipstick in the future.



After receiving a Terre Mere brush in the May Vegan Cuts box and falling in love with it, I purchased their 8-brush set, (It was on Zulily at the time. Lucky me!), so I already owned the bronzer brush. These brushes are honestly the softest brushes I’ve ever used on my face. They’re pretty dense and pick up a lot of product. I tend to use the bronzer brush more for highlighter or if I want a heavier blush application than the brush I normally use. I highly recommend these brushes.



Below are swatches of the products in this box in both daylight, (left), and my warm kitchen light, (right). Top to bottom: Terre Mere Matte Lipstick in ‘Someone Special’, Saturated Colour Colour Switch, Terre Mere ‘Someone Special’ and Saturated Colour Colour Switch mixed, Modern Minerals ‘Surya’, Mineral Hygienics ‘Cool Kiss’


Benevolent Beauty Box is $29.95 a month for 4-7 full size products. They also have a Mini box priced at $15.95 per month containing 2-3 full sized products. Benevolent Beauty Box donates $1 per box to Humane Society International to help end animal testing and cruelty.

You can keep up with Benevolent Beauty Box at the links below. They post spoilers and info about the box. They also repost blog posts, photos, etc. from fans and respond to messages.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


I am not a Benevolent Beauty Box affiliate. These are just my initial opinions on the box and its contents.


Until next time,


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