June 2016 Petit Vour Beauty Box

Ahh! I’ve had this box for so long without posting a review of it. Every time I told myself that I was going to sit down and write it up, something else came up.


The June Petit Vour Beauty Box contained:

Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer- RV $18, (full size $38)

Evolvh SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner- RV $11

Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF 30- RV $5, (full size $28)

Precious Skin Elixirs Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay- RV $4.50, (full size $70)

I really love when my beauty box subscriptions include anything from Juice Beauty. Their products are a bit on the pricey side for me, so being able to test them out is a huge plus! I haven’t committed to the sample-sized tube of their Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer yet, but I did try once so far. I didn’t notice any brightening that one day. The moisturizer is pretty thick, but has a lovely light and fruity scent.



I don’t usually use leave-in conditioners because I have very straight, fine hair and I get nervous about product weighing it down or making my hair look stringy. I was pleasantly surprised with the Evolvh SmartVolume because after using it, my hair maintained what little volume it has naturally, looked smooth and healthy, and felt super soft. I’ve been letting my hair air dry because it’s too hot and humid to blow dry my hair, but this product has helped me keep a clean, minimal-frizz look.

evolvh leave in conditioner tipsypinup


I haven’t really been wearing lipstick since summer started because it either melts off or my lips need TLC since I always forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated. The Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF 30 lipstick samples are a really nice middle ground between a lip balm and a lipstick. They’re not very thick and feel quite hydrating. The lipsticks are made with anti-aging ingredients and chemical free sun protection. I was a little upset when I read the product card. It said “Enjoy 2 of our 8 Lip-Replenishing Shades,” but I received two samples of the same shade. I would have loved to been able to try a second colour. I got the shade ‘Sunny Blush’ which is a translucent rosy pink.

suntegrity lip cpr tipsypinup

‘Sunny Blush’ swatched in natural daylight, (left), and may warm kitchen light, (right).


The Precious Skin Elixirs Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay is quite different than other exfoliating products I’ve used in the past. After mixing it with a bit of water, it becomes more of a mousse than a paste. The powder is very fine and feels very soft and gentle when using it. I like that it doesn’t have a very gritty quality to it and that I didn’t have to use a lot of the powder at once.

precious skin elixirs exfol clay tipsypinup


The Petit Vour Beauty Box is a vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free monthly subscription box. It costs $15 per month and contains four luxury beauty products per month. The products are mostly deluxe sample sizes. Petit Vour stocks the full sizes of the products included in the boxes on their website and they offer a really nice reward program for buying through the site.


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I am not affiliated with Petit Vour. These are just my thoughts on June’s box.

Until next time,


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