July 2016 Empties

We’re already close to two weeks into August and I have yet to post my July empties or reviews of any of my July beauty boxes! It’s been so hot and humid in most of our house that it’s impossible to sit in the office for more than two minutes to type anything up. I’m really hoping Fall comes early this year.

july 2016 empties

I used up a decent amount of products last month. Most items were products I use regularly. I’m trying to use more of the sample sized products I have around the house, so hopefully I’ll have a lot to write about for August.

garnier fructis hairspray

Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Anti-Humidity Hairspray (RV $2.99): This is honestly the best hairspray I’ve found. So many other hairsprays plaster my hair together and make it all hard and crunchy. Having fine hair, I need something that is light and can keep the flyaways in check while still maintaining the minimal volume and bounce my hair naturally has. I really love this hairspray and I’m going to continue using it until I find the perfect cruelty-free alternative.


renpure biotin conditioner

Renpure Originals Biotin and Collagen Thickening Conditioner (RV $4.99): I saw this on sale at Target and decided to give it a try. I’ve used a few Renpure products in the past and they worked pretty well, but I didn’t love them enough to add them to my permanent routine. This conditioner made it. I don’t feel the need to use as much product as other conditioners because this incorporates very well into my hair. It leaves my hair feeling very soft and silky. I haven’t noticed much of a thickening quality, but it doesn’t weigh my hair down as much as other products. I really enjoy this product and have purchased the larger sized bottle.


jason body wash

Jasön Calming Lavender Body Wash (RV $11.99): I love this soap! I’ve been using it for years. I’ve tried a few different scents, but the Lavender is both mine and my boyfriend’s favourite. One bottle lasts me a pretty long time, (when coupled with a good sponge), since a little product goes a long way. It doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves a very light floral scent.


freeman anti-stress mask

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals (RV $3.99): I’ve had this tube for a few years and finally got through it. I really liked this mask. I don’t feel like the mask specifically made me feel less stressed, but it does make for some really amusing blue faced selfies. I’m not going to buy this again because the company isn’t cruelty free.


basiste original

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo (RV $5.99): There has been a lot of dispute over this brand being cruelty free, but as of right now I’m still using it. I liked the Original formula more than the Blush that I finished in April. Like other dry shampoos, it takes a lot of mushing and brushing to get the white residue incorporated into my dark hair. The product is really good at making my hair look fresh and clean when I don’t wash it for a few days.


derm organic 8 way

Dermorganic 8-Way Thermal Spray (RV $10): This is from the March 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I wasn’t a huge fan of this when I first started using it. I’ve learned since that it makes the roots of my hair a bit clumpy, so I only spray it starting at halfway down my hair to my ends and brush though so the product is distributed differently than just spraying. This spray seems to do a decent job at protecting my hair from heat damage. I’ve purchased a few of these deluxe sized sample bottles from people in a Facebook group I’m a part of. It’s a decent replacement for the Got2B Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm + Gloss Finish that I love.


acure night cream july 16

This is one of the permanent products in my skincare routine. I love it so much. Read my review from April 2016 here.

schmidts bergamot lime travel size

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Bergamot + Lime Travel Size (RV $5): I’m actually rather impressed with this deodorant. The paste has a light scent and lasts a pretty long time. It doesn’t seem to work amazing for me when I’m very sweaty and I need to reapply often, but it’s really good for cooler weather.



Piperwai Natural Deodorant (RV $11.99):  I found an almost empty jar of this when I was cleaning. It was a little dry, but that didn’t stop it from doing its job. Another one of my permanent skincare items. Read my review from June 2016 here.


crazy rumors cinna bun

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm in Cinnamon Bun (RV $3.50): This was from the December 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. This lip balm got the job done. It was a little on the melty side when it was warm, but it never got messy. I like that the balm is slightly waxy, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavour/scent. I’d try this brand again, but probably go for a fruity or floral flavour.


Until next time,


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