Summer 2016 Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

Vegan Cuts recently launched a new quarterly subscription box specifically for makeup lovers. I really questioned subscribing to this because I don’t really need more makeup right now, but curiosity won out. I was really happy with this first box and I’m going to stay signed up, at least for now!

summer 2016 vegancuts makeup box

The Summer Vegan Cuts Makeup Box included:

Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 Mascara- RV $16

Juice Beauty Defining Eyeliner in ‘Black’- RV $16

yourMinerals Eye Shadow in ‘Brown Hypnotic’- RV $21

Hynt Beauty Libre Lip Gloss in ‘Pearly Rose Pink’- RV $18

Amalie Beauty Wink Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer- RV $40

A cute Vegan Beauty sticker

When the new box was announced, Vegan Cuts was really pushing the fact that the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara was included. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this mascara since it came out earlier this year, but I have so many mascaras that I didn’t see the point in trying it out until I weeded out old products. After getting this box, I was excited to try it and see if it worked the magic that beauty bloggers and Pacifica fans say it does. Do not pack this mascara in checked luggage! I took mine on vacation with me and it was a melty mousse-y mess when I tried to use it. After giving it some time to settle when I got home, it reverted back to its original state. I don’t know if I love it, but it is a very nice mascara. I like that I can get both length and volume from the same wand.

pacifica dream big tipsypinup


I feel like I’m getting so much Juice Beauty from my beauty boxes lately! This eyeliner pencil is super long compared to my other liner pencils. It barely fits in my makeup bag! The liner is a bit hard, but if you warm it up a little with a lighter, a hair dryer, (or by accidentally leaving it on your sunny window sill), it glides on very smooth. This product doesn’t give the crispest, darkest line, but it’s great for a smokier look or for filling in the spaces between your lashes before using liquid liner. It even has a little smudgy sponge on the end of pencil.

juice beauty eyeliner tipsypinup


When I opened the yourMinerals Eyeshadow, I really thought it was going to far too dark for me to wear without being self conscious, but I love it. Brown Hypnotic is a lovely brown-gray shimmery colour. I feel like it allows me to have a smokey eye look without having to use a ton of products and lots blending. It really makes my eyes pop. I haven’t tried it wet yet.

yourminerals eyeshadow brown hypnotic tipsypinup


Hynt Beauty  Libre Lip Gloss is, to me, what lip glosses should be. The formula is not sticky and feels light while still providing a good amount of colour. It smells pretty good too! Pearly Rose Pink is a lovely medium pink-coral shade with light rose gold shimmer. This has been a go-to lip product since I took it out of this beauty box. I love it on its own and mixed with similar coloured lipsticks.

hyny lip gloss tipsypinup


The Amalie Beauty Wink Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer was a Bonus Beauty Tool included in the Summer Box. I’ve been using this oil blend nightly and I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the appearance of my lashes or brows. My boyfriend thinks my brows look a bit bushier, so maybe this works? If anything, I’ve noticed that my brows and lashes feel softer and aren’t falling out as often.

amalie wink tipsypinup


Product swatches in natural daylight and warm indoor light, (top to bottom): yourMinerals Eye Shadow in ‘Brown Hypnotic’, Hynt Beauty Lip Gloss in ‘Pearly Rose Pink’, Juice Beauty Defining Eyeliner in ‘Black’.


The Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is a quarterly subscription box. It includes 4 or more full size makeup products and costs $39.95 per quarter with each box valued at at least $70.

summer2016 vegan cuts makeup box products


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I am not affiliated with Vegan Cuts. These are just my thoughts on the Summer box.


Until next time,



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