August 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box

I loved the August 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box! The products included are so wonderful and I find myself reaching for all of them on a fairly regular basis. The box even included a bonus product!

august 16 bbb tipsypinup

August’s box included:

Bellapierre Vanilla Bean Lip Balm- RV $10

Cougar Products Mineral Blush Powder in ‘Punch’- RV $19.52

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lip Locked Stain in ‘Lucky’- RV $24, (Vegan)

Nvey Eco Eye Shadow in ‘Rose Quartz’- RV $17.99, (Vegan)

yourMinerals Setting Powder in ‘Transparent Veil’- RV $21, (Vegan)

and bonus item: Bodisafe Lips & Cheeks in ‘Charmed’- RV $20, (Vegan)


When I first tried the Bellapierre Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, I thought it to be a bit waxy. That thought has not changed after further use, but it’s a very nice product. Due to the semi-waxy texture, it does not absorb into the lips quickly and I enjoy that I don’t feel the need to reapply as often as products that do. This lip balm keeps my lips super soft! According to the product card in the beauty box, you are able to mix this lip balm with pigments in order to create your own lip colour. I have not tried this application yet, but it would be a fun way to use up old pigments or experiment with lip colours I can’t commit to buying.

bellapierre lip balm tipsypinup


I adore the Cougar Mineral Blush Powder! The box included the shade ‘Punch’ which is a lovely rosy pink shade. It’s more orange hued than all of my rose pink blushes. It changes up my basic makeup just enough while still being able to keep a relatively natural look. This product is great for a light flush and is buildable for a heavier blush. It lasts all day, even in hot and humid temperatures, and blends well.

cougar blush tipsypinup


When I opened the box and saw the Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain, I laughed out loud. I had just finished doing a lip product purge and noticed that the majority of the products I kept were rosy pink, like the shade ‘Lucky’ that I had just opened. That said, I love the shade. It’s very flattering on my skin tone and works into my natural makeup look well, (so much so that a makeup artist on the set of a TV show I was working on told me to wear it all the time since it was the perfect colour on me). It has a very creamy formula. I feel like this product does not stain as well as other stains I’ve used, but it may just be the shade. This product lasts a pretty long time, but does need to be reapplied after drinking and eating.

mannakadar lip stain tipsypinup


Of the three possible shades I could have gotten in the August box, I received ‘Rose Quartz’ which is a beautiful shimmery rosy pink. I’m not usually a fan of pink eye shadows, but this product is light enough to make it not look like I was just crying or rubbing my eyes. This shadow is highly pigmented and blends very well. It lasts all day without any noticeable creasing. Even though I tend to apply my makeup at home with a larger mirror, I adore products that come with their own.

nvey eyeshadow tipsypinup


I had just purchased another setting powder when I received this box and in it, the yourMinerals Setting Powder. Since I only started wearing makeup regularly this year, I had never experienced the hot, humid New York summer with a full face of makeup. I learned rather quickly that I need to learn some tricks to keep my makeup in place even when it’s gross out. I learned that in addition to primer, a good translucent powder over and under foundation was key. The yourMinerals setting powder was so helpful on hot days, especially when working a busy wait shift. This product really helps keep my makeup in place and stops me from looking too shiny when reapplied throughout the day.

yourminerals setting powder tipsypinup


I first received a Bodisafe Lips & Cheeks in the first Benevolent Beauty Box and then got the second shade in my July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I received the shade ‘Charmed’ as my bonus product in this box, but since I already have it I was thinking about putting together a nice little giveaway including some products that I enjoy. Keep a look out for that giveaway soon!

bodisafe lips and cheeks tipsypinup


Swatches in natural light and warm indoor light from top to bottom: Cougar Mineral Blush Powder in ‘Punch’, Nvey Eco Eye Shadow in ‘Rose Quartz’, Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in ‘Lucky’


Benevolent Beauty Box is $29.95 a month for 4-7 full size products. They also have a Mini box priced at $15.95 per month containing 2-3 full sized products. Benevolent Beauty Box donates $1 per box to Humane Society International to help end animal testing and cruelty.

aug 16 bbb products tipsypinup


You can keep up with Benevolent Beauty Box at the links below. They post spoilers and info about the box. They also repost blog posts, photos, etc. from fans and respond to messages.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


I am not a Benevolent Beauty Box affiliate. These are just my initial opinions on the box and its contents.


Until next time,


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