September 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

It was really nice to receive mostly non-makeup items in the box this month. I’m getting slightly overwhelmed by the amount of awesome makeup products I’ve been getting! I also really adore skin/hair care items.

september 2016 vegancuts bb tipsypinup


This month’s box included:

Luxie Beauty Blending Brush #227- RV $16

William Roam Sense Shampoo and Conditioner- RV $14

Page Ashbury Facial Moisturizer- RV $7.50

SK Pure Essentials Jasmine Citrus Body Scrub- RV $4.50

Melanie Mills Hollwood Gleam Lip Radiance in ‘Unstoppable’- RV $24

I LOVE getting makeup brushes in boxes! This Luxie Blending Brush is the second Luxie brush I’ve received in a box. This brush is made with synthetic fibers and is very soft. It blends shadow very well.

luxie 227 tipsypinup


I was super happy that both shampoo AND conditioner were in this box as opposed to just one or the other. These products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. They are made with Minnesota Tamarack Larch Tree extract and smell pretty nice. The shampoo lathers up quite well and I did not need to use a whole lot of conditioner. My hair feels nice and soft after using, but I have noticed it’s a bit frizzier at the ends than usual.

sense shamcon tipsypinup


The Page Ashbury moisturizer is made with jasmine and neroli essential oils and aloe vera and smells amazing! This product is very thick and therefore extremely hard to use the pump provided. It seems to absorb rather easily into my skin. I’m excited to use up this sample to see if I love its effects as much as the scent. I’m on the hunt for a good day cream and this might be it.

page ashbury tipsypinup


I enjoy the SK Pure Essentials body scrub. It’s a coarse sugar scrub that smells of mostly citrus. I feel like this is one of the better body scrubs I’ve used in a while. It’s really making a difference on my rough elbows and ankles! This product doesn’t seem to leave an oily residue like other scrubs I’ve used which is something I really like.

skpure scrub tipsypinup


I received the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Lip Radiance in the shade ‘Unstoppable’. It’s an opaque bright red colour. This product is more of a gloss than a liquid lipstick. I like that it is thick enough to wear alone, but you could also use this over liner or lipstick for a glossy/shiny look. It’s a bit sticky which will take me some getting used to since I normally wear creamy or matte lip products or nothing at all.

gleam tipsypinup

‘Unstoppable’ in natural daylight and warm indoor light.


The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box costs $22.95 per month and contains 4-7 deluxe sized samples and full sized products. From my experience, a lot of what comes in the box is deluxe sized skin and hair care samples, which is good if you’re looking to try new things. Overall, I really like getting this box and feel like it’s worth the price.

sept 2016 vcbb products tipsypinup

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I am not affiliated with Vegan Cuts. These are just my thoughts on the September box.


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