Hibrewnation Gettysburg 2017

The second to last weekend of January marked beer fest number two of four that my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas.

We stayed in the most visually patriotic hotel I’ve ever been in. There were stars, eagles, and portraits of locally relevant historical figures. There was a cute brew-pub type restaurant across the street from the hotel, so we grabbed dinner and a few beers. They were okay, but nothing super special. We had another beer in the hotel bar before heading to bed.


I have to say that Hibrewnation was by far my favourite beer fest I’ve ever been to and for that reason I took few pictures and drank LOTS of tasty brews. There were a ton of fantastic timed releases for VIP ticket holders, of which we were. I was in sour beer heaven. I met the wonderful Carson of Boneshire Brew Works who had a lovely porter and a Belgian strong ale that I actually liked! I’m not usually a fan of Belgian beers at all, but I could definitely drink Que Será again.


The highlight of the fest was being introduced to Highway Manor Brewing Company. Rodney was a pleasure to chat with while sampling the four beers, (all sours!), the brewery had to offer. Funky Prowler, a sour barrel aged dry Irish stout,  is honestly one of the best beers I’ve ever had in my life. Jason and I are obsessed and keep asking the bars and the home distributor we frequent to stock Highway Manor products.


The next day we grabbed a quick brunch at Mason Dixon Distillery before heading home and stopping at any promising looking antique shops along the way. I found lots of Pyrex in great condition, but it was all far too expensive so I passed it up. Jason did find an awesome book of poetry written by soldiers from World War I for a couple bucks and had to bring it home.


Jason has this thing about eating at German restaurants when we go away. He says that he just wants to know how the food compares to the German restaurant where we work, but I feel like he just secretly loves it more than he lets on. We happened to pass such a place when we were finished antiquing, so we had to stop for dinner. The food was good and the decor reminded me of where we work.


I wish I had taken more pictures on this trip and I hope that we can go to both Gettysburg, (since Jason has never done all the historical stuff), and Hibrewnation again!


Until next time,