3rd Annual Saratoga Cider Night…wait…there’s a beer fest too?!

I really need to get back on track with my blogging. This entry is another super late post about one of the four beer fests my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas.

The last weekend of February, Jason and I went up to Saratoga Springs for Saratoga Cider Night. We have gone to a cider fest in the past and just like that one, three hours of cider is a lot! I wasn’t able to take a whole lot of pictures since we were having a good time drinking all of the cider we could swallow. There were some really nice offerings from breweries/cideries I either know and/or have previously tried as well as many I had never sampled before.

While we were at Cider Night, we saw cases of beer lined up against the back wall of the convention room and asked a worker about them. She told us there was a beer fest the next day, so we immediately bought tickets.

After leaving Cider Night, we headed over to Druther’s Brewing Company to have a beer before heading back to the hotel. It’s a cute place with a huge dog-friendly front patio and an interesting beer list. They serve food, but Jason and I weren’t hungry so I didn’t look at the menu. We ordered their Baltic Porter and Brown Sour and ended up sharing both since we loved the sour.


Saratoga Beer Summit was quite a bit more crowded than the event the night before. I was able to try a ton of beers from smaller local breweries such as Battle Hill Brewing Co.’s Orange U Passionate and Newburgh Brewing Co.’s Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse- both of which I really enjoyed. There was also a little section with exclusive pours for people with the gotbeer.com app. After quickly downloading the app, we were granted access to Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet bottles, Brown’s Brewing Company Cherry Razz poured through a randall with fudge brownies and Brooklyn Bel Air Sour poured through a randall with Sour Patch Kids, (Jason and I both really wished we could have eaten the beer soaked Sour Patch Kids).

Before heading back to Staten Island the next morning, we stopped at Country Corner Cafe which boasts about having ‘the best breakfast in town’. After waiting a long time for a table and perusing their wares, I had a hard time choosing between biscuits and sausage gravy, (my favourite breakfast meal ever!), and the eggs, pierogies, and kielbasa special. Since the special came with a biscuit, I ordered a side of gravy and had the most perfect breakfast. I was the happiest girl!

I’d love to go back and visit Saratoga Springs either when we have a less packed schedule or when we have more time to spend exploring. The buildings are gorgeous and I’d love to go on one of the walking tours around town to look at all the turn of the century architecture. I also really want to stroll around the state park, relax in the hot springs and take a look at the racetrack, (and maybe teach Jason how to bet on the races for nostalgia’s sake).


Until next time,