3rd Annual Saratoga Cider Night…wait…there’s a beer fest too?!

I really need to get back on track with my blogging. This entry is another super late post about one of the four beer fests my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas.

The last weekend of February, Jason and I went up to Saratoga Springs for Saratoga Cider Night. We have gone to a cider fest in the past and just like that one, three hours of cider is a lot! I wasn’t able to take a whole lot of pictures since we were having a good time drinking all of the cider we could swallow. There were some really nice offerings from breweries/cideries I either know and/or have previously tried as well as many I had never sampled before.

While we were at Cider Night, we saw cases of beer lined up against the back wall of the convention room and asked a worker about them. She told us there was a beer fest the next day, so we immediately bought tickets.

After leaving Cider Night, we headed over to Druther’s Brewing Company to have a beer before heading back to the hotel. It’s a cute place with a huge dog-friendly front patio and an interesting beer list. They serve food, but Jason and I weren’t hungry so I didn’t look at the menu. We ordered their Baltic Porter and Brown Sour and ended up sharing both since we loved the sour.


Saratoga Beer Summit was quite a bit more crowded than the event the night before. I was able to try a ton of beers from smaller local breweries such as Battle Hill Brewing Co.’s Orange U Passionate and Newburgh Brewing Co.’s Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse- both of which I really enjoyed. There was also a little section with exclusive pours for people with the gotbeer.com app. After quickly downloading the app, we were granted access to Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet bottles, Brown’s Brewing Company Cherry Razz poured through a randall with fudge brownies and Brooklyn Bel Air Sour poured through a randall with Sour Patch Kids, (Jason and I both really wished we could have eaten the beer soaked Sour Patch Kids).

Before heading back to Staten Island the next morning, we stopped at Country Corner Cafe which boasts about having ‘the best breakfast in town’. After waiting a long time for a table and perusing their wares, I had a hard time choosing between biscuits and sausage gravy, (my favourite breakfast meal ever!), and the eggs, pierogies, and kielbasa special. Since the special came with a biscuit, I ordered a side of gravy and had the most perfect breakfast. I was the happiest girl!

I’d love to go back and visit Saratoga Springs either when we have a less packed schedule or when we have more time to spend exploring. The buildings are gorgeous and I’d love to go on one of the walking tours around town to look at all the turn of the century architecture. I also really want to stroll around the state park, relax in the hot springs and take a look at the racetrack, (and maybe teach Jason how to bet on the races for nostalgia’s sake).


Until next time,


Hibrewnation Gettysburg 2017

The second to last weekend of January marked beer fest number two of four that my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas.

We stayed in the most visually patriotic hotel I’ve ever been in. There were stars, eagles, and portraits of locally relevant historical figures. There was a cute brew-pub type restaurant across the street from the hotel, so we grabbed dinner and a few beers. They were okay, but nothing super special. We had another beer in the hotel bar before heading to bed.


I have to say that Hibrewnation was by far my favourite beer fest I’ve ever been to and for that reason I took few pictures and drank LOTS of tasty brews. There were a ton of fantastic timed releases for VIP ticket holders, of which we were. I was in sour beer heaven. I met the wonderful Carson of Boneshire Brew Works who had a lovely porter and a Belgian strong ale that I actually liked! I’m not usually a fan of Belgian beers at all, but I could definitely drink Que Será again.


The highlight of the fest was being introduced to Highway Manor Brewing Company. Rodney was a pleasure to chat with while sampling the four beers, (all sours!), the brewery had to offer. Funky Prowler, a sour barrel aged dry Irish stout,  is honestly one of the best beers I’ve ever had in my life. Jason and I are obsessed and keep asking the bars and the home distributor we frequent to stock Highway Manor products.


The next day we grabbed a quick brunch at Mason Dixon Distillery before heading home and stopping at any promising looking antique shops along the way. I found lots of Pyrex in great condition, but it was all far too expensive so I passed it up. Jason did find an awesome book of poetry written by soldiers from World War I for a couple bucks and had to bring it home.


Jason has this thing about eating at German restaurants when we go away. He says that he just wants to know how the food compares to the German restaurant where we work, but I feel like he just secretly loves it more than he lets on. We happened to pass such a place when we were finished antiquing, so we had to stop for dinner. The food was good and the decor reminded me of where we work.


I wish I had taken more pictures on this trip and I hope that we can go to both Gettysburg, (since Jason has never done all the historical stuff), and Hibrewnation again!


Until next time,


Philly and the 9th Annual Winter Beer Fest

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a post! I lost my drive towards the end of last year because I feel like no one is reading my blog and although I had enjoyed working on my writing, it is quite disheartening. My lovely boyfriend, seeing that I was kind of in a rut and wanting to write more about beer, got me tickets to a beerfest a month for five months as my Christmas gift.

The first beer fest was the 9th Annual Winter Beer Fest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 26th.


I tend to like smaller beer fests because from experience they usually offer more local brews that I can’t find at home. This fest didn’t have as many local beers as I hoped and all of the offerings were poured from the bottle. which is great towards the beginning, but you’re getting warm beer as the event goes on.

For such a small venue, I was impressed by the number of beers offered. Most of the beer was super dark and heavy, (which makes sense being a winter beer festival), but Jason and I would have liked to see more of anything lighter in flavour. I loved they provided a program detailing all the beer at the event and a free buffet.My favourite beers I had were Delirium Nocturnum, (which why have I never had this beer before!),  and Yards Chocolate Love Stout.

This beer fest was a great value for the price of the tickets. I don’t know if I’d opt to go again unless I develop a love for Russian Imperial Stouts and the like.

Jason likes to make dumb faces when I take his picture.

Jason told me that since the trip was my Christmas present, that it was up to me what we were going to do. I’ve wanted to visit the Mutter Museum for the longest time and convinced him to go with me. I highly enjoyed seeing all the different body parts in jars and learning about the human body and medical history. The skull wall was amazing, but the museum was so crowded that it was hard to read everything that I wanted to. I’d love to go back one day, hopefully when the Medicinal Plant Garden is in bloom!


Later that day, we visited Yards Brewing Company. The tap room was so crowded, but we were able to snag two chairs and enjoy some Philly beer. We started by splitting a flight including: Pynk, Golden Hop IPA, Belgian Thomas Jefferson, and Chocolate Love Stout. Pynk was our favourite of the flight because we both suckers for a good fruit beer and I adore anything even remotely tart or sour. We ordered a cheese plate and two more beers- Half Nelson Session IPA for Jay and Cookie Swap Weiss for me, both of which were lovely.


Since we really hadn’t eaten since before we went to the museum, we went back towards the hotel to grab a bite to eat. Last time I told people we went to Philly and had cheesesteaks, a debate started over which the best in Philly were and someone said we had to try Steve’s Prince of Steaks. I really enjoyed this steak. The meat was not chopped, which made for a much more manageable sandwich and there was they perfect amount of cheese. They also have an amazing cherry soda that tastes just like a melted icey! I’d definitely go back when I find myself in Philly.


Knowing we had a bathtub in the room caused me to drag Jason to Lush and buy him his first ever bath bomb. He usually takes advantage of hotel bathtubs since we don’t have our own and I wanted to help him enjoy his relaxation time properly. Since we were there, I obviously had to get one for myself as well. If you haven’t tried their Frozen bath bomb, you’re missing out on a good time. It smells so good and turns the water such a gorgeous shade of blue.


The next day we went to the Franklin Institute to see the Jurassic World Exhibition, which Jason also got me tickets to for Christmas. I was just was excited as all the little kids to see the animatronic dinosaurs and I’m not remotely embarrassed about it. It was a really fun and immersive exhibit. I’d highly recommend taking your dino loving friends/family to see it!


Before leaving to head back to New York, we grabbed food at Destination Dogs. Jason had been looking up interesting places to eat and stumbled upon this gem that serves hot dogs made with many different types of animal meat. We ordered deviled eggs and truffle fries as sides while Jason chose a wild boar dog and I went with One Bite in Bangkok- a python sausage with cucumber salad, pepper jelly, crushed peanuts, and cilantro. I paired my meal with a Founders Rubeaus My python dog was so tasty which I was happy about since I had never had snake before. I’d love to go back and try another exotic dog!


Tonight we’re heading off to Gettysburg for their Hibrewnation beer fest tomorrow afternoon! I’ll write about tomorrow’s fest sometime next week.


Until next time!


October 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I highly enjoyed the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. The products chosen for this box complement each other so well that I was able to use all of them in one day, which is not something that always happens with beauty boxes. The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box costs $22.95 per month and contains 4-7 deluxe sized samples and full sized products with this specific box being valued at over $78!

oct 16 vcbb

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Fall 2016 Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

I was very happy with the Fall Quarterly Vegan Cuts Makeup Box. This season’s box contained four full sized products valued at $154. For only $39.95 per quarter, that a pretty awesome deal!

fall 2016 vcmb

Products included:

Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Liquid Lip in ‘Gwyneth’- RV $24

Au Naturale Organic Creme Eye Shadow in ‘Ivory’- RV $20

OFRA Cosmetics Illuminating Blush Stripes– RV $35

Bellapierre Cosmetics HD Makeup Primer– RV $75

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September 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box

I really enjoyed the September Benevolent Beauty Box. I loved that this box included so many different types of items and all of them are great.

sept 2016 bbb


The September box included:

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in ‘Earth’- RV $15

Bellapierre Eyeliner Duo- RV $25

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick in ‘Primrose’- RV $19.95 (Vegan)

gypsy SOUL organics ‘Sister Wind’- RV $19.99 (Vegan)

St. Tropica Hot Oil Hair Mask- RV $4.50 (Vegan)

Tat2u Makeup Tat2Lash Mascara- RV $16

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September 2016 Petit Vour Beauty Box

I enjoyed the September Petit Vour Beauty Box. I was happy to receive a few products that I’ve wanted to try/heard good things about.

september 2016 pvbb tipsypinup

The September Box included:

Osea Ocean Cleanser- RV $16, (full size $44)

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream- RV $14

Adorn Mineral & Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation- RV $4, (full size $50)

Odacité Serum Concentrate- RV $3, (full size $32-42)

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