Thirsty Thursday 6/30/16-7/6

I think this is going to be the last week I’m going to do Thirsty Thursday in this current format. I’m going to be switching it over to reviews on specific beers or breweries and possibly cocktail recipes. Exciting stuff!


Thursday, June 30

I covered a bar shift in the beer garden of the restaurant where I work. It was a really slow night and it was quite hot and muggy. While I was cleaning and closing up the bar, I had two Schöfferhofer Grapefruits. I love when I get to have this beer on draft.

6/30/16 schoffer

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Thirsty Thursday 6/23-6/29/16

Thursday, June 23

We just started rolling out our summer beer menu at work and a few of us decided to split one of the new beers. I’ve had a Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch once before and didn’t really like it.

Appearance: clear straw colour, small off white head

Aroma: very mild honey, moderate fruit

Taste: slightly sweet, minimal honey, bitter floral hops

Feel: light, high carbonation

Overall: I liked this better than the last time I tried this, but I feel like the insane honey flavour I got the first time I had this beer was lacking.

rogue honey kolsch


I also had a Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin, (tasting notes from 4/24/16), and a Warsteiner Radler Grapefruit, (tasting notes from 6/20/16), after my shift. I’m pretty boring with my drink choices most of the time.

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Thirsty Thursday 6/16-6/22/16

Thursday, June 16



Friday, June 17

While cathing up on season three of Orange Is The New Black and painting my nails, I decided to finally open the growler of Harpoon Vanilla Porter my boyfriend brought me back from Boston in April. Surprisingly it still had carbonation.

Appearance: dark brown, lasting off white head

Aroma: dark chocolate, vanilla bean, slightly roasty

Taste: follows smell, good amount of chocolate and vanilla, slightly sweet

Feel: slick, moderate carbonation

Overall: I really enjoyed this beer. It’s not the best vanilla porter I’ve had, but it’s definitely up there for me. I want to visit the brewery and try this fresh.

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Thirsty Thursday 5/26-6/1/16

Thursday, May 26

I drank a good amount of Barrier Brewing Company Icculus Kölsch this week. (See my tasting notes from 5/20/16 here.) We’re trying to kill the keg so we can get new stuff on draft at work.icculus 5/26/16

While I was waiting for the bus to go hang out with two of my coworkers at a bar near work, I had a Schofferhofer Grapefruit, (tasting notes from 4/16/16). I actually had to run to catch the bus while drinking this beer, so I poured it in my aluminum water bottle and brought it with. Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday 5/5-5/11/16

Hello! It’s time once again for a run down of my drinks of the last week. I was in a weird place mentally and just wanted to stay curled up in bed as much as I could. I pretty much only drank after work and split most drinks with someone else.

Thursday, May 5



Friday, May 6

My first drink of the week was a taste of Avery Brewing Company Raja Double IPA. One of the regulars at the bar was drinking it and offered me a taste.

Appearance:  hazy yellow/gold

Aroma: pine, fruit

Taste: hoppy, citrus, tropical fruit

Feel: smooth, light bodied

Overall: This beer is super dangerous. It’s 8% and so easy to drink. I’d try a whole can to myself.


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Thirsty Thursday: 4/14-4/20

When trying to figure out a better posting schedule and what kinds of content to post, I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was thinking about doing ‘New Brew Thursdays’. I know that it’s an Untappd badge and I’ve seen people talk about it so I thought it would be a good idea. Jason said that I should focus more on ‘Thirsty Thursday’ being a broader term and therefore giving me much more to write about.

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is about where and what I drank throughout the week.

Thursday April, 14

Jason was covering a bar shift at the restaurant where we work so I was on my own for dinner. I ate leftovers and finally finished the strawberry daiquiri/margarita mix I’ve had in the liquor cabinet. It’s not a product I think I’m going to buy again because it is so sweet and artificial tasting. I’d rather just blend some actual strawberries with my booze. I used Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita mix, Herradura Silver Tequila, Llord’s Triple Sec, and ice. (No photo because I’m lame and forgot.)

Friday, April 15

I have so much beer sitting in my fridge that I usually forget what’s in there. I pulled a Bank’s Caribbean Lager out from the depths of a drawer to have with lunch. It tasted slightly off, but overall wasn’t bad.

Appearance: golden/straw, quickly disappearing white head

Aroma: grains

Taste: malty, grainy, clean

Feel: slightly bubbly

Overall: It’s fine. There’s not much more to say about it than that. It’s pretty straight-forward and adheres to the American Adjunct-Lager style. It’d be nice on a hot summer day.

IMG_7013 (2).PNG

Saturday, April 16

I work weekends, so a majority of Friday-Monday drinking is at Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn on Staten Island. It’s a lovely little family-owned and operated German restaurant. Before I starting working there, I would ask to eat at Killmeyer’s when my family had a lot of time or for special occasions since it was located on the opposite end of Staten Island from where we lived.

photo credit: Marielle Solan via TimeOut

This week after my Saturday night wait shift I changed it up a bit and had a mixed drink in addition to my usual “Surprise me” beer.

I started with Weihenstephaner 1516 Kellerbier. 1516 is a new offering from the world’s oldest brewery celebrating the 500 year anniversary of Reinheitsgebot, (the German beer purity laws).

Appearance: hazy, golden, honey coloured, has a thick white head

Aroma: grainy, yeasty, slightly spicy

Taste: malty, grainy, slightly hoppy, slightly floral

Feel: decently carbonated, clean finish

Overall: I was very happy with this beer. I’m not a huge German beer fan, but this limited edition brew is worth having before it’s gone!

Pictured: great beer and Jason’s funfetti tie

I also had a lovely Dirty Figtini made with Feigling vodka. Feigling is a fig flavoured vodka from Germany and probably the best flavoured vodka I’ve ever had. Put this stuff in anything and I’ll give it a try.

I hate stem glasses.

Finally, I finished off with a Schofferhofer Grapefruit. I simply adore this beer. It’s nothing overly fancy and it is VERY fruity, but it is a solid beer. Schofferhofer also hails from Germany. The brewery makes a regular hefewizen and a number of other fruit/hefewizen beers that I have yet to find in New York.

Appearance: hazy light orange

Aroma: grapefruit, yeast

Taste: I find the taste to be more grapefruit peel or a light pink/white grapefruit, yeasty

Feel: clean, refreshing, light/medium carbonation

Overall: This is one of my go-to beers for any occasion. It’s sweet, but not overly so. It’s nice a crisp on a hot summer’s day. Being only 2.5%, it’s a great beer for drinking all day or as a breather during a night of drinking heavier beers. I think I like it most on draft, but it’s just as wonderful canned or bottled.


Monday, April 18

Jason and I went to Ho’ Brah for lunch before he drove me in to work. It’s a nice little restaurant that serves tacos and other Mexicali type dishes. They have a number of frozen drinks behind the bar in machines and based on the two times I’ve eaten there- a nice selection of rotating draft lines.

I chose a nice cider since I wasn’t feeling all that well. The tap handle indicated that it was Ciderboys Cranberry Road, but when the bartender placed it in front of me, it looked like orange juice. Jason thought that it might be their Mimosa cider and tasted it to be sure. It was and it was perfect.

Appearance:thick yellow orange

Aroma: It smells like a mimosa

Taste: citrus, apple, sweet, champagne

Feel: light carbonation, very smooth

Overall: Definitely something I’d have again. It might be the best Ciderboys I’ve had so far.

Ciderboys Grand Mimosa. Jason got a Negra Modelo.

Tuesday, April 19

Tuesdays are the start of my weekend and I’ll often find myself having a drink with lunch. I wasn’t in much of a beer mood, so I pulled some wine out of the fridge.

I escorted my grandmother to her niece’s wedding in Michigan back in September. We stayed with one of my grandmother’s sisters. While there, my great aunt wanted to know what I do for fun so that she could plan things to keep me entertained for the week we were there. My grandmother told her that I really enjoy drinking. Aunt Marie then decided that I needed to drink on a daily basis and took us to breweries, brewpubs, and a winery.

Forgotten Fire Winery in Wisconsin has a nice little tasting room with all kinds of trinkets and things. I really enjoyed some of the wines I tasted and bought a few bottles to bring home. My last remaining bottle was their Ice Wine. It’s a very sweet, thick, syrupy wine made from grapes that were frozen while still on the vine. It comes in a very tall, skinny bottle and clocks in at 12% ABV.


Wednesday, April 20

I had a beer with lunch while catching up on season two of Outlander. Harpoon UFO White is another one of the go-to beers. It’s a nice, light witbier. If you like Blue Moon or Shocktop, I highly recommend drinking this.

Appearance: hazy gold, quickly disappearing head

Aroma: orange, coriander, grain, fruit

Taste: pretty much the same as aroma

Feel: medium carbonation, light and easy to drink

Overall: I really like this beer in comparison to other witbiers I’ve tasted. I think the spice really pops in UFO White instead of getting lost behind all the orange.


For dinner, Jason took me to Big Ed’s BBQ in Matawan, NJ. They have all-you-can-eat ribs. It’s like heaven in a barn shaped eatery.

To accompany my BBQ baby back ribs and half a chicken, I ordered a Shiner Bock. I am fairly certain I’ve had a Shiner Bock before, but I wasn’t sure and it sounded the most appealing at the time.

Appearance: clear reddish brown

Aroma: malt, barley, bread

Taste: malty, a touch of sweetness

Feel: refreshing, crisp, lightly carbonated

Overall:  I’ve had many other bocks much more aggressively flavoured than Shiner Bock, so this is a really nice introduction into the style.



-Kyra Lynn